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[ News ] Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 16:19
LIMA, Peru –  From her small home near two golf courses and three slums, Gianina Rojas gazes up at a crumbling adobe pyramid, remnants of the vast Inca empire that flourished more than six centuries ago. Like many people in modern-day Peru, Rojas was born and raised among Incan sites that were built before the Spanish colonized South America. Now 26, she recalls treasure hunting as a child —... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 16:08
Women today make up fewer than 25% of the trips taken by bicycle in the United States. The solution starts with more and better bike lanes–but it’s just as much about social stigma as it is about infrastructure. Michelle Cook bought her first bike on something of a dare. Around six years ago, she was living in Needham, a hilly town on the outskirts of Boston, and a friend of her challenged her... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 15:27
As the world becomes more urbanized, better budgeting has become a key concern for city leaders everywhere. Unlocking the public value of poorly utilized real estate, for example, or monetizing transportation and utility assets, could and should become core urban strategies. STOCKHOLM – The world is becoming increasingly urbanized, as more people are choosing to live in towns and cities than... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 11:38
Jonathan Andrews spoke to the world’s leading standards authorities about their role in helping cities become ‘smart’ and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals What role do you see your organisation playing in the development of smart cities around the world? Mujica ISO standards represent international consensus on best practice for a wide range of areas that contribute to making a city... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, November 27, 2017 - 16:57
According to Paul Collier and Anthony J.Venables, Urbanization is an inherent part of economic development, yet its success in delivering jobs, productivity and liveability varies widely. There is a relationship between development and urbanization. The rate at which urbanization increases the level and increase of per capital income of country has to increase. It slowly reduces the below poverty... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, November 27, 2017 - 15:36
Migration to cities has helped many South Africans to escape extreme poverty, even in tumultuous times. This is the striking outcome of our analysis based on the National Income Dynamics Study which tracks the progress of a representative sample of 30,000 people every two years. Scaling up from the sample, we estimate that around 385 000 citizens were lifted above the poverty line between 2008... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, November 27, 2017 - 15:11
It is very important for planners to understand the capacity of any city to hold the population, suitability for urban activities, geographical location, proximity to different hazards, present vulnerability and future risks to develop smart cities Nepal is a least developing country in the world and it is ranked as one of the fastest countries in urbanization according to the United Nations... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, November 27, 2017 - 14:52
Plans for more wired, networked, connected urban areas face challenges if they fail to account for existing, local, non-digital elements such as government and socioeconomic conditions This week, we learned that tech guru and mega philanthropist Bill Gates purchased 25,000 acres of land in Arizona with the intent to build a smart city from the ground up. The community, called Belmont, will “... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, November 27, 2017 - 11:48
Mobility is the watchword of the 21st-century workforce – and hopefully being able to choose where to work has the potential to improve most people’s lives. InterNations’s Expat Insider 2017 survey asked nearly 8,000 respondents in 51 cities to rate their adopted home by 25 criteria. These were then grouped into four overarching categories - Quality of Urban Living, Getting Settled, Urban Work... Read more
[ News ] Posted on Monday, November 27, 2017 - 11:30
It’s just as important as efficiency. For many years, urbanists have been singing the praises of urban density. Done well, density can increase economic output, increase per capita productivity, increase disposable income (by reducing heating, cooling, and transportation costs), and improve physical and mental health. Compact, walkable cities — or walkable areas within cities — are delightful.... Read more