World Smart City Forum

Cities are facing more challenges than ever before, as expanding populations put stress on transportation systems, social services, energy infrastructure and other vital aspects of daily life. To tackle these obstacles, public- and private-sector leaders are able to turn to International Standards to offer solutions that can make cities more efficient and effective for their residents. The World Smart Cities Forum is emblematic of the proactive approach that IEC, ISO and ITU are taking to the task of understanding emerging standardization demands.

At the World Smart Cities Forum in Barcelona this November, leaders from cities across the globe will join IEC, ISO and ITU, together with industry, investors and other relevant organizations, to discuss the rapidly evolving world of smart cities. 

The most promising means of converting our cities into creative, connected and sustainable urban environments are far from absolute. Everyone seems to offer a different view on the challenges to our cities and their required solutions.

This is why we will gather insights from city leaders – through panels and interactive discussions – to share their perspectives on the challenges most relevant to their cities and how International Standards have the potential to solve them. Standards bodies listen and learn, helping us to raise awareness of how standards will move cities to greater smartness.

We hope that we are able to agree on ways in which standards from IEC, ISO, ITU and other standards organizations will help city leaders to achieve their smart-city ambitions. Ultimately, we hope that we can make more city leaders understand why standards are essential for smarter cities and how each of our organizations contributes in this space.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Barcelona!

Source: Cvent

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017