International Symposium on Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in Arid and Semi-arid Regions

The objective of the conference is to bring together experts from different disciplines to present results on describing water resources in arid and semi-arid regions and discriminating among impacts caused by climate change and human activities, to exchange experiences about special methods for water resources assessment and management in these regions and response of eco-hydrology for water resources sustainability by balancing water for humans and nature, in order to ensure the sustainable development of human society.

Nearly everywhere, water crises threaten the security, stability and environment sustainability of nations. No one needs to be reminded of enormous and increasing challenges facing the world from the water problems. The objective of the symposium is to exchange the knowledge and technology in water resources in arid and semi-arid regions, to research the limitations and problems of current methods, and to propose innovative strategies, novel techniques and methodologies for water resources development and management.

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Start date: 
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
End date: 
Tuesday, June 18, 2019