Scholarship: The Politics of Urbanization

Today, more than half of humanity lives in urban areas. Cities are a near-ubiquitous reality of all global challenges, from climate change to pandemics, inequality, cybersecurity and terrorism. Yet what political implications does urbanisation have on the way we govern our built environment, and international relations? The ‘planetary extent of urbanisation now links infrastructurally the faith of cities the world over. Yet this is not just a story of cities and city leaders: major private sector, philanthropic, multilateral and even national interests now define the ways in which urbanisation determines ‘who gets what, when and how’ both locally, in cities and globally, in international relations. Housed in the new Connected Cities Lab within the University’s Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP), this multidisciplinary PhD project will challenge an emerging scholar to research, and experience first-hand, the global dimension of urban politics.

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Source: University of Melbourne

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