Cities Alliance Gender Prize

Partnerships for Women's Empowerment

Recognising partnerships between local government and local communities

Cities Alliance is proud to announce a prize to acknowledge good practices in local partnership for women’s empowerment under our Innovation Programme.

The prize recognises partnerships between local government and local communities that have implemented innovative solutions for promoting women’s empowerment in governance and citizenship, migration, economy, resilience and services. 

It also aims to:

  • Create a global cohort of champions of partnership-building between local government and local communities for women’s empowerment;
  • Build an evidence-base on projects that can impact women’s empowerment through partnerships between local government and local communities;
  • Produce a knowledge product that will showcase partnerships between cities and local communities for women’s empowerment; and    
  • Showcase best practices to potential funders.


The Gender Prize

There will be five Grand Prize winners. All five will receive a round-trip ticket and three-days’ expenses paid to attend the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur in February 2018, where they will receive the prize and take part in a discussion on partnerships for women’s empowerment at the local level.

The winning projects will be featured in an award-related publication that will be distributed during the World Urban Forum, on videos for dissemination and award promotion; and in a blog dedicated to the project.

There will also be five runners-up and five honourable mentions for the prize. Runners up will be featured in the award-related publication, the dissemination video, and as a blog. Honourable Mentions will be featured in the award-related publication and blog.



Projects applying for the prize must fulfil the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Organisations: Local governments, local and international NGOs, registered civil society organisations, private institutions, philanthropic institutions, and academic/research institutions.
  • Partnership: There must be a minimum of two partners in the project. One must be a local government. The other can be any of the abovementioned eligible organisations.
  • Results/Impact: Projects must be able to show impact/results achieved and be nearing completion (within 3 months of closure) or completed within the last 5 years.
  • Geographic Scope: Projects from every continent may submit an application. The project should be implemented at the local level in partnership with local communities and local government. 


How to Apply

  • Submit the application form and the partnership letter in one of these languages: English, French or Spanish.
  • Provide all of the information requested in the application form and partnership letter.
  • Applications must be submitted by midnight, 25 September 2017, Central European Time.
  • Submit via e-mail ONLY to 
  • For more information, see the Instructions for Submission

Cities Alliance and Gender

Cities Alliance is the preeminent global partnership for the promotion of cities in poverty reduction and sustainable development. Headquartered in Brussels, it is a unique partnership with diverse members – local authorities, national governments, international non-governmental organisations, foundations, and multi-lateral organisations – which have come together to strengthen both impacts and coherence in urban development. Cities Alliance’s activities have helped leverage over US$1.5 billion in additional funding.

Gender Equality is a core value and corporate strategy for Cities Alliance, and its activities regarding gender equality are driven by its Gender Joint Work Programme and Gender Equality Team.

Source: Cities Alliance

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