Lagos State and Urban Regeneration

This article is on urban challenges and regeneration of cities in developing countries, using Lagos State as an example. It started with the challenges of urban Lagos, Nigeria. It described Lagos State - a South-Western state in Nigeria, as one of the economic hubs and centres for socio-economic emancipation in Africa. Lagos State have a population of about 18 million people and numerous housing challenges including shelter deficit of about 3.00 million units. It also has transport challenges which makes transit, that normally should have taken 30 minutes to take, to around five hours at peak periods. Waste management also, as a result of urban blight, has been posing as 'thorn in the neck' of Lagos State. The paper emphasised the importance of parks and gardens in urban areas and as a way of achieving green cities. For the eco-sytem to be balanced, all cities must have elaborate parks and gardens which can also serve as storm arrestors and collectors. The paper concluded that Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and not roads construction should be embarked upon to ease the transport challenges of Lagos State. Recycling of the wastes in Lagos State as a business will make it one one of the cleanest cities in Africa.


Olufemi Adedamola Oyedele