IRSPSD Volumne 3 No.3







Special Issue on “Urban Simulation and Modeling”Special Issue on “Urban Simulation and Modeling”


Yan Liu and Anrong Dang

Editorial Introduction

Special Issue on “Urban Simulation and Modeling”

Miaoyi Li, Jing Deng, Lun Liu , Ying Long and Zhenjiang Shen

Evacuation Simulation and Evaluation of Different Scenarios based

on Traffic Grid Model and High Performance Computing

Yan MA, Yunfeng LI

Conceptual Research on Decision Making Meetings for Urban Water


Ryosuke Ando and Yasuhiro Mimura

On relations of the consciousness of garbage truck drivers and their

experiences of unsafe driving behaviors

Xihe Jiao, Ying Jin, Oliver Gunawan and Philip James

Modelling Spatial Distribution of Outdoor Recreation Trips of Urban


An in-depth study in Salford, UK

Xuefei Li, Zhenjiang Shen, Fumihiko Kobayashi

Planning review on residential environment of low-rent housing: a

method to solve low-rent housing space insufficiency in Tianjin, China

Gateway Fields