2018 World Air Quality Report

Since 2015, the IQAir AirVisual app and website have provided a centralized platform for global and hyper-local air quality information in real-time. Through aggregating and validating real-time data from governments and monitors operated by individuals and organizations, IQAir AirVisual strives to promote access to real-time air quality information, to allow people to take actions to improve air quality and protect their health. The 2018 World Air Quality Report presents PM2.5 air quality data as aggregated through the IQAir AirVisual platform in 2018. The data included is a subset of information provided through the platform, including only PM2.5 measured from ground-based stations with high data availability. This report accompanies an extended online interactive display of the world’s most polluted cities, which allows further exploration of air quality across different regions and subregions in 2018. The real-time status of all included locations, together with many more, can also be explored through the IQAir AirVisual Air Quality Map, which brings together live air quality readings in one accessible place. 

Source: Air Visual

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