“The Bridge and the City”, an original approach to the world’s cities

What is the common denominator between New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Sydney, Istanbul, Cairo, Calcutta and Shanghai? Each of these metropolises have reached a new dimension in history through the construction of strategic bridges across dividing rivers, bays and waterways. As vectors of social encounters and economic exchanges, bridges have indeed played a major role in the urbanization of the world. Through the exploration of twenty-four cities, The Bridge and the City explains and illustrates how these spectacular structures have influenced and facilitated urban development over all continents. An ode to the world’s most beautiful bridges, captured in their diverse historical and geographical settings, The Bridge and the City is an analytical and visual treasure that will delight bridge lovers and city planners alike. 

The book can be ordered from www.llumina.com or www.amazon.com 


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