Carbon-tax bonanza for low income earners

More than three million low-income households will receive 100 per cent compensation for the proposed carbon tax – plus an extra 20 per cent buffer, Julia Gillard, Australia's Prime Minister, revealed.

The Prime Minister’s “safety net” is designed to cover unexpected costs such as higher power bills in harsh winters or one-off purchases such as electric blankets.

"Australians on lower incomes don't have much room to move," Ms Gillard told the Herald Sun." They need a safety net for those times when costs are higher than average - to give them a bit of extra room to move."

As she sought to reassure everyday Australians about the cost-of-living impact of the tax, the PM said the 20 per cent cushion would be paid in the form of tax cuts and higher benefits. "That will allow them to do their bit on climate change without making financial sacrifices."

Source: Herald Sun

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